PLANS to convert a block of offices into new homes have been met with criticism from nearby residents.

The block of offices on Finchampstead Road, Wokingham, behind the Burger King, could be converted into 77 new homes.

This adds to the current regeneration of Wokingham town centre, as well as the work to renovate the Carnival Pool site, just across the road from this site.

Stephen Way, of Oakley Drive, Wokingham, said: “We have already lost nearly all of our privacy to the rear of our property through the construction of a nine floor car park overlooking both our garden, kitchen and two bedrooms.

“Our children now live with curtains drawn for privacy that we had when we moved in. The addition of a similar size residential property overlooking our property is simply unacceptable.”

An anonymous complainant said: “The residents of Oakey Drive have already had the monstrosity of the multi-storey car park forced upon them, overlooking and obscuring the sky.

“To further this with a residential development of a similar height and solidity is simply not on.”

Another resident, Hannah Glaister of Oakley Drive, Wokingham, said: “I am extremely concerned that the proposed development will be considerably higher than the current building, which will therefore impact on our privacy.

“Oakley Drive houses will be over shadowed and the properties will overlook ours, the current building does not do this. We are also concerned about the additional noise and disturbance this development will cause us once it is in use.

“I also think that the traffic levels in that area can not sustain this number of additional residents and cars. It has become clear in recent weeks that the traffic through Finchampstead Road towards the station is causing chaos without these additional flats.

“To add this to the mix is simply going to make matters worse, I object to this development entirely.”

Cllr Simon Weeks, executive member for planning and enforcement, said: “This application is currently being considered by the Council, and people are invited to make official representations so that their views can be considered fully. But during this assessment period, the Council cannot make formal comments about the application.”

The News attempted to contact the developer but there was no response.