27 Apr 2015 17:55

Car roof cut off after two vehicle smash

Bracknell's fire crew had to cut the roof off a car after two vehicles crashed into each other on the London Road.


27 Apr 2015 14:51

Brown water caused by pipe cleaning

WATER mains in Bracknell are being cleaned, which could lead to brown water coming out your taps.


21 Apr 2015 09:30

Unsung heroes honoured at Pride of Bracknell Awards

THE unsung heroes who make a real difference to Bracknell were honoured during a glittering ceremony.

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19 Apr 2015 09:30

Calls for crossing to be made safer

A NEAR-MISS involving a child and a car has lead to calls for a renewed campaign to try and make a crossing safer for school children.

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16 Apr 2015 17:51

Driver crashes after losing control of car near Jennett's Park

THE roof of a car had to be cut away to recover the driver after he lost control of the vehicle near Jennett's Park this afternoon.


16 Apr 2015 16:27

Who will YOU vote for?: Countdown to 2015 General Election is on

Millions of us will take to polling booths on May 7 to cast a vote to help decide who will form the next government in Westminster - here we have a round-up of all your Bracknell candidates with a biography and their answer one key question.

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4 Apr 2015 12:30

Aspiring stars given chance to perform in new action film

A FILM team is throwing its support behind Bracknell’s aspiring film stars and future media pros with its first feature-length film.

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4 Apr 2015 09:30

Obituary: Gordon Stuart

THE family of an elite jockey who cemented himself in the Bracknell community will “keep his memory alive”.

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3 Apr 2015 09:30 • Louise Hill

Improved fire cover at Ascot station with full-time crew

FIRE cover is set to be drastically improved in Ascot when a full-time crew is established.

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1 Apr 2015 16:32

In this week's News (April 1)

Pick up your copy of this week's News and read all about how Bracknell is fast becoming a hot-spot for businesses after a new base and the possibility of £200,000 being raided from Wokingham council's savings to meet the costs of adult social care.


31 Mar 2015 14:25

Cash machine stolen from Binfield shop

A CASH machine was stolen from a convenience shop in Binfield in the early hours of this morning (Tuesday) after thieves broke in.


31 Mar 2015 13:58

Man charged for racial abuse

A SOMERSET man has bailed after a racial incident in Bracknell.


31 Mar 2015 09:30

Yellow wind warning for Bracknell, Wokingham and Ascot

HOLD on to your hats! Strong winds are expected across Bracknell, Wokingham and Ascot during today (Tuesday).

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30 Mar 2015 09:30

Doctor Who fan builds life-size Dalek model

A DOCTOR Who fan who has built a Dalek model from the hit TV show is hoping it will be the first of many.

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28 Mar 2015 13:00 • Rhodri Andrews

Yellow lines to clear roads for emergency vehicles

OVERCROWDING of parked cars in an Easthampstead neighbourhood will be a thing of the past after yellow lines were painted along sections of residential roads.


26 Mar 2015 14:53 • Louise Hill

Firm fined thousands after worker has hand crushed in machine

A FIRM has been fined thousands of pounds after a worker had his hand crushed on a conveyor belt.


26 Mar 2015 13:17 • Rhodri Andrews

Councillor standing down due to ill health

A COUNCILLOR has expressed his regret after being forced to abandon plans to stand in May’s elections due to his deteriorating health.


25 Mar 2015 15:14

In this week's News (March 25)

In the News this week find out about the bullies who burnt a classmates GCSE coursework, 22 families facing eviction by the council, Royal Ascot's contribution to the local fashion industry and much more.


25 Mar 2015 13:00 • Rhodri Andrews

Gunman hunt after cat shot nine times

A CAT-LOVING couple have served a stark warning to other pet owners after their cat was found to have been shot nine times with an air gun following a trip to the vets.


25 Mar 2015 10:58 • Rhodri Andrews

Fashion chain Arcadia latest retailer to sign up to new Bracknell town centre

ARCADIA, which owns fashion brands such as Topman and Topshop, has announced it is the latest retailer to sign up to the new Bracknell town centre.

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