A GRIEVING man was horrified when he returned from seeing his daughter to find his house ruined.

David Bamber, 69, was heartbroken when his wife, Ellan, passed away last year from cancer at the age of 70.

After her death, his daughter, who lives in Australia, invited him out to stay with her as he recovered from the loss of his wife.

While he was away, Mr Bamber rented his house out, as he was planning to be away for a year.

He returned from Australia on December 1, and was horrified as to what he found.

He said: “When I got home I was shocked, the place was a mess and they’d been in the garage and stolen four of my televisions.

“I kept four televisions in the garage, which was locked with deadlocks and star keys, but they’d managed to wedge their way in and take the lot.

“They took one 50-inch TV, three 40-inch, one digital radio, a Henrietta vacuum.

“Even the batteries for remote controllers had been taken.”

The home in Oakdale, Bracknell, had damage to the interior, as well as having the theft from the garage.

Mr Bamber has contacted the police, however with no CCTV up at the house, it is difficult to pinpoint when the theft took place.