AN eighty year old trophy has been returned to a Winkfield primary school after a spelling mix-up led it to Dorset.

Headteacher of Cranbourne Primary School Ruth Huckle was recently contacted by a lady called Deborah from Cranborne, Dorset, who had been given a box of miscellaneous items to sort out.

Amongst them was a cup inscribed with 'Cranbourne Gymnastics Club', dating back to 1937 and presented by Mr S.G. Asher.

The difference in spelling intrigued the woman and led her to get in touch with the Berkshire primary.

Mrs Huckle took to the school's logbooks and found the following extract from 1937: "School closed, following the afternoon session, for a week’s holiday in celebration of the coronation of H.M. King George VI.

"On Wed. May 12th the children were entertained at Ascot Place. There they participated in sports and sat down to a tea. Later, there were to have been fireworks and a bonfire, but owing to the weather these were postponed until the following Monday.

"Each child received a Coronation mug, kindly presented by Mr. S.G. Asher."

Although the mystery of how the cup got to Dorset had not been solved, the log extract was proof enough to convince Deborah to send the cup home.

It has now been polished and shown to the children.

Mrs Huckle said: "I thought it was exciting to get involved in a historical piece of paperwork from so long ago.

"What was lost has now been found, and is back in it’s rightful place within Cranbourne Primary School."