Sandhurst Cricket Club was targeted by thieves, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage in total to the clubhouse’s bar, front shutters and entrance doors over the three break-ins.

Thieves first attempted to break in to the clubhouse on Wednesday, July 2, causing about £3,500 worth of damage to its front shutters.

The club was also targeted again two days later on Friday, July 4, with thieves successfully breaking in through the shutters, before stealing alcohol, sweets and a Barracuda Cayman mountain bike.

Another attack on the clubhouse last Wednesday saw thieves break in through the kitchen window and make off with £20 from the bar’s till and packets of sweets.

The club’s chairman, Simon Coxwell, said: “Like many local clubs we are struggling financially and this is just causing us a lot of trouble. It is just horrible. They took money that was supposed to be going to charity and now we are expecting a phone call every morning telling us the club has been broken into again. It is just cowardly really because they know they won’t get caught because they cannot be seen doing it as the clubhouse is nowhere near anywhere else.

“We are liaising with the police and hopefully this can be stopped from happening again in the future.” The break-ins follow other attacks on Bracknell Rugby Club in June and Binfield Cricket Club in May. Binfield CC had about £2,000 worth of equipment stolen from its clubhouse, which included two leaf blowers, a mower, a generator and a pump.

Thieves also attempted to steal cash from fruit machines inside Bracknell Rugby Club last month, smashing through a rear window and ripping out the machine’s collection boxes, which were believed to be empty.