Bracknell Forest is set to receive an extra £206,705 in June, as part of the latest round of pothole repair funding. This is on top of the £162,840 it received in March from the Weather Repair Fund.

Wokingham borough is due to get £332,849, in addition to the £395,353 from the Weather Repair Fund.

Both borough councils have signed a ‘pothole pledge’ to receive the extra cash, setting out the number of potholes they aim to have repaired by March 2015.

The pot of £168m has been split between 148 councils up and down the country.

The Department of Transport estimates it costs about £53 to repair each pothole.

Welcoming the cash, Cllr Keith Baker, Wokingham Borough Council’s executive member for highways, said: “It’s difficult to gauge how many potholes will be filled as they vary in size. We’re tackling the ones which have a safety issue first. It’s difficult to say how many will be filled in, but we will still have some potholes to fill in with our own money.” Ferocious weather last winter is widely seen as responsible for causing or worsening existing potholes across the country.