A SCHOOL is now judged to be ‘requiring improvement’ after being demoted at its latest Ofsted inspection.

Winnersh Primary, in Greenwood Grove, was previously judged to be ‘good’, by the Government’s education watchdog.

The results, published last Thursday, showed it had slipped down the ranks and was now one above the lowest grade of ‘inadequate’.

It was found to be ‘requiring improvement’ in three out of the four categories it was judged against; the achievement of pupils, the quality of teaching, leadership and management, but was found to be ‘good’ in the behaviour and safety of pupils.

The report identified progress in maths and English at key stage two was particularly weak, and well below the national average.

Pupils’ progress was hindered by weak teaching, but where teaching was good, these practices were not shared across the school.

Marking was another area identified as lacking, with teachers not providing enough feedback for children to improve their work.

As well as marking, gauging pupils’ understanding of lessons was not up to standard, and alterations and explanations were not done as necessary.

It was also acknowledged that frequent leadership changes gave the school a lack of direction.

Helen Powell, headteacher, said: “Our shared aim is to ensure that the children who attend Winnersh Primary receive the best education possible.

“Not only do we want children to a make good progress academically but also to develop a wide range of skills which will support their personal and social development. Maintaining a positive partnership with parents is a very important part of this process.” The report recognised achievement in key stage one was well above average, and governors have a clear idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the school.

Furthermore, pupils’ behaviour is good, and they enjoy their lessons as teachers prepare activities to keep them engaged.

The school has also worked to improve the attendance of pupils, of which there are 467 of both genders, aged four to 11.