A planning application submitted by Warfield Homes Ltd hopes to build the new accommodation by ex-panding the site to the north, west and east.

The site currently has 509 homes on it.

Adrian Hoare, who lives in nearby Church Road, in Chavey Down, is one of three people who has already objected to the plans.

In a planning objection to Bracknell Forest Council, he wrote: “The proposed extra mobile homes will extend the developed site towards Old Inchmery and Chavey Down Road, adversely changing the already fragile balance between developed and rural landscape.

“The proposed changes to Long Hill Drive close to its junction with Long Hill Road, may give rise to a flooding risk for adjacent properties.” The plans also involve an extension to the community hall and to use the money from buying the houses on improving utilities – including replacing the old overhead electricity network and installing a new natural gas network, to replace the existing Calor gas system.

However another concerned resident, David Wicks, who lives at The Larches, said: “This development plan represents a 28% increase over the current development in pure number of house terms and I consider the character of the area will suffer as a result. In particular, the proposed 67 homes in “field B” at Chavey Down Farm, on what is now pasture and a home for red deer, badgers and foxes as well as grazing for horses, will have a very large detrimental impact.

“Most residents of the existing park chose to live here for a tranquil life in beautiful natural surroundings but this will be shattered for up to 10 years or more by the piecemeal nature of the planned enlargement.

“The promised 'natural green space with access improvements, landscaping and biodiversity’ misses the point and is no compensation for living next to or on a building site for 10 years.” In its application, Warfield Homes Ltd said the plans are in line with national policy and would provide suitable accomodation for elderly people. It added the proposals would also create four new jobs for maintenance of the site, and six during the building phase.

To view the plans, visit the planning section of the council’s website www.bracknell -forest.gov.uk, application number 14/00433/FUL