A Sandhurst man who founded a charity supporting people who lose limbs has starred in an ITV drama – as a corpse.

Ray Edwards, a quad amputee who is chairman of Limbcare, appeared during the first episode of ITV1’s Law and Order UK last Wednesday.

He played the role of Harry Bernstein – a jeweller who is found dead after a massive car crash – and the show also starred well-known actor Bradley Walsh.

Mr Edwards, 59, said: “They wanted a real person in the role, who didn’t have any arms and legs, not a dummy, and they gave me the star treatment on set.

“Bradley Walsh, who plays DS Ronnie Brooks, kept making me laugh, and actor Ben Bailey Smith, who plays DS Joe Hawkins in the series, is actually an ambassador for Limbcare.

“I even had my own caravan. I would be very happy to do it again.” Mr Edwards has been a quad amputee since 1987 when he lost all limbs as a result of blood poisoning.

He has inspired people through motivational and inspirational speaking.

In 2007 he was awarded the Douglas Bader Inspiration Award for his work with amputees and given an MBE in 2010.

He formed the charity Limbcare in 2010 to offer support people without a limb or limbs and their families. Mr Edwards, who lives in Abingdon Road, Sandhurst, said: “I wanted to do this to prove to others that you can get work and there is life after something like this happens to you.

“Our charity aims to bring awareness and understanding by giving presentations, organising events and working directly with amputees and their families. Law and Order UK was a unique way of showing that life goes on – although admittedly, I did play a corpse!”