Harmans Water’s town councillors Chris Turrell, Trevor Kensall and Shelagh Pile tested out the new equipment in Cumnor Way.

Cllr Turrell had a go on the new trampolines, which have already proved a big hit with youngsters. New climbing frames have also been installed.

The revamp of the play park, which cost about £12,000, was done last month.

It was funded completely by a grant given to the town council by Bracknell Forest Council.

Russell Reeve, the town council clerk, said: “The park in Harmans Water was neglected for a while and we wanted to change that.

“It is nice to give parks in Bracknell a new look and hopefully children will see it as a place to come and play and use it well. We want to make Harmans Water as nice as possible and this was a good step forward.

“Since it has been reopened children have said it is great. The trampolines have proved the most popular with youngsters using them on a regular basis so we are very pleased about that.

“It’s good to refresh the play park and hopefully we can do this to a few others around the town as well to provide great playing areas for children.” The play area was officially reopened on Thursday, February 13.

It is one of three in Bracknell that are being revamped – the play area in Dryden Woods, Hanworth was done in December and work is being done at Home Farm near Great Hollands.