Laura Wolfenden set up her home business Crowthorne Cakes two years ago after she decided to turn her love of baking into a career.

After having a steady couple of years her former hobby has now exploded after one of her creations – a cake based on dinosaur excavation – has taken social media by storm.

Since posting a picture of the cake, made for a friend’s son’s birthday, onto her business’s Facebook page, it was picked up and posted onto a page aimed at science lovers.

Since it was posted there a fortnight ago, the picture has been ‘liked’ more than 60,000 times, commented on more than 1,500 times, been shared onto people’s personal Facebook pages nearly 10,000 times and been viewed by more than a million people.

Her Facebook page has also seen double the amount of likes since before she posted the picture.

With her new-found fame the 42-year-old has found herself receiving orders from people in America.

“It has been incredible. This is the first time I have had a cake go viral and it is amazing,” she said.

“I have always enjoyed baking. I properly fell into it by accident after I helped a friend make cakes for a tea room, and she said I was good enough to go full time.

“I just love the fact that every cake I make is totally different to the next. I did not expect this success at all.” Since setting up the business, she has made more than 200 orders and currently accepts about two or three orders per week.

“It is a lovely feeling that by making a cake you are making someone happy by doing it. I love the challenge of trying to think of different ideas and concepts.” To view more of the cakes, visit