It has been placed at the entrance to the school, and deputy headteacher Win Patterson said the school was “very proud”.

He said: “We are honoured that our history has been recognised and we are very pleased that The Wokingham Society worked so hard to secure the plaque.

“It continues to strengthen our links not just with the past, but with the community.

“We have marked our 60th anniversary in a number of different ways and this is another one. We are enjoying it.” Mr Patterson added the plaque would give students another indication of the school’s history, following the unveiling of three murals painted more than 60 years ago by artist Fred Millett.

The murals have been restored in the past two years. Peter Must, from The Wokingham Society, said he was “delighted” the group had funded the project.

He said: “St Crispin’s is celebrating 60 years since its foundation and the plaque highlights the national importance of its original design and features.

“It was built by the Ministry of Education and was a prototype for post-war school buildings, with the emphasis being on cost-effectiveness, fitness for purpose and timely delivery.

"The design was more concerned with providing the best possible teaching and learning environment for staff and students than with extravagant external decoration.

“This concept extended to the furnishings and fittings and, included the provision of murals to enrich the public areas of the school.” He added St Crispin’s had been described as “having more influence than any other British school built since the war.” Mr Must said: “We are delighted to help the school celebrate its 60th anniversary and we hope that, by providing a blue plaque to mark the event, we will assist in reminding local people of the pivotal role that the school played in the post-war provision of affordable and amenable educational buildings.” The plaque reads: “St. Crispin’s School. Influential, prototype school built by the Ministry of Education.”