As reported in last week’s News, Ben Brown, 21, from Crowthorne, persuaded the DVLA to have his photo changed, because of what he says is his religious faith, at the second attempt.

Followers of Pastafarianism – which came to prominence in America – follow the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and say it is the rejection of dogma.

Some drivers in other countries have successfully got the photo on their driving licence changed but not in the UK, until Mr Brown.

However, the DVLA, despite issuing the licence, has had a rethink and has now sent an official letter recalling the licence.

The letter states: “Dear Mr Brown, I have noticed that the driving licence issued to you on 01/10/13 shows incorrect details. Please complete the reply form and return the licence in the envelope provided. A new licence will then be issued to you.’ Underneath, there is space to provide reasons or an explanation as to why a licence cannot be provided to be returned.

But Mr Brown, a psychology student at Bracknell and Wokingham College, has vowed to fight attempts to give up his new-look driving licence. In a response to the DVLA, he has replied: “The details on my licence appear to be correct. Please specify the incorrect details.

“Thank you for allowing me to display my religious faith in my licence picture! I’m glad the letter helped!”