TWO burst water mains have caused Ringmead, in Bracknell, to be closed in both directions between Hanworth Road and Opladen Way.

The bursts happened at about 2.30am this morning (Friday May 24).

A technician from South East Water was immediately called to site to locate the bursts.

The first burst occurred on a large 16-inch diameter main at the junction of Hillberry and Ringmead.

This was isolated immediately and a team are currently onsite carrying out repairs which are expected to be completed later this morning.

The second burst occurred approximately three quarters of a mile away on an 18-inch diameter water main in Ringmead at the junction with Ollerton. This burst proved more difficult to isolate, but this was completed at around 9am this morning.

A team from South East Water is on site at the second burst and work is expected to be completed today.

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