THREE people have been arrested on suspicion of drink driving in the first week of a Christmas road safety campaign.

Figures from Thames Valley Police's festive anti-drink and drug driving initiative show there were 45 arrests in Berkshire between the launch on Saturday, December 1, and Saturday, December 9.

Of these, three were from Bracknell Forest.

Road safety sergeant, Chris Appleby, said: "This is a great result so far, however drivers should remain aware that we are carrying out regular drink-driving checks until the end of December. As a matter of course, we also test any driver involved in a collision regardless of the time of day and whether they have been drinking or not." The month-long campaign aims to convince all drivers that a drink-drive conviction has the potential to ruin their life by highlighting the legal and personal consequences of drink driving.

All motorists who provide a positive breath test - or fail a field impairment test to determine whether they have been using drugs - face losing their licence for at least 12 months, could go to prison for six months or pay a fine of up to �5,000.