GRAFFITI art, paying homage to the Olympics, was torn-down from a public display for not being "street" enough.

Youngster Ben Stock had planned to paint a picture-perfect summer with his 8ft take on Olympic mascot Wenlock, but was "disappointed" to find vandals had torn it down just days later.

Ben, alias "Mr B", got permission from Longhill Park rangers to spray-paint two different designs onto the wall of the popular Chavey Down skate park.

He said: "I feel ok, it was just a bit disappointing. People down there thought it was really good.

"I'm probably going to do another one that I've already drawn and planned out - of a ghost.

"This time I'll put it up early in the morning when no-one's there and hopefully it will stay up for longer."

The 11-year-old, of Bartholomew Place, in Warfield, spent two hours on the sporting tribute, but sadly it was found ripped in two by Ben and his dad on Tuesday afternoon.

Ben's dad Malcolm Stock added: "Unfortunately I don't think it was 'street' enough for people to leave it alone. It's a shame really."