A MAN who saved for 20 months to buy his �4,000 dream motocross bike had it stolen the following week.

Matt Sergison is urging dog walkers and the community to look out for the distinctive KTM enduro bike - which he had not insured against theft.

Mr Sergison, 20, from Wokingham, a builder and carpenter, and said: "I've got to work for another two years probably to be able to afford another one.

"That's what I feel you get for being a working person - you earn your money and then someone else comes along and steals it and probably sells it for �1,000.

"It takes a while to hit you. It's not like losing a family member, but it is properly painful when you think I've spend all this money saving up for this bike." Mr Sergison had spent �180 on servicing and �500 on a set of off-road tyres, which he still owns.

He then drove the bike round to show his father Albert Sergison in Branksomehill Road, Sandhurst, at about 9.40pm on Tuesday, July 18.

He took the bike through a gate to the back garden enclosed with a brick wall, where it was out of sight, and left it for half an hour.

Mr Sergison went to collect the bike to ride home at 10.10pm. He said: "I went outside and it gone. It really hits you and it's like you've lost four grand of a bike unless someone finds it." It was unlocked and the design means it can be started without a key.

Mr Sergison reported it to police, who confirmed they are looking into the incident, but no arrests have yet been made.

He has heard from friends that it might have been seen in Blackwater and Camberley areas.

The bike is make EXCR450 and is registration number GN09 RJY. It is white with gold alloy wheels and makes a loud noise.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police via the 24-hour non-emergency number 101 or Crimestoppers via 0800 555111.