A mother says she ‘could have been dead’ after landlords used a bleach-based mould treatment – despite being told she was allergic.

Mother of four Leanne Andrew had an anaphylactic shock when a contractor sent by Silva Homes used the solution to treat mould in her bathroom – leaving her struggling to breathe.

Mrs Andrew said she’d told Silva Homes she was allergic to bleach – and that the housing association arranged for a vinegar-based solution to be used instead.

But when she began coughing and becoming breathless, she realised the contractor was using bleach after all when he visited at the beginning of February.

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Mrs Andrew told the News: “I was at home with my two year old and my 14 week old baby. I could have potentially been dead. My husband could have come home and found me on the sofa – and that terrifies me.”

Mrs Andrew says the contractor admitted the mistake was ‘human error,’ and that Silva Homes agreed to compensate her as she had to spend a night in a hotel room.

But she says the mould problem had been going on for years, and was getting worse. Now she wants Silva Homes and Bracknell Forest Council to move her.

Supermarket manager Mrs Andrew, 35, shares a two-bedroom flat in Romney House, Harmans Water, with her husband, her toddler and baby, and her teenage son and daughter.

She said: “We’re overcrowded. I have a two year old who’s asthmatic, I’ve got a 14 week old baby who’s had a cough since he was born, probably because of the mould.

“I’ve got a disabled badge – I shouldn’t be three floors up, but I am. I shouldn’t be in this property.”

Bracknell Forest Council said it cannot comment on individual cases, but that tenants should submit all relevant information and can request a medical assessment.

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Grainne Siggins, executive director for people, said: “Applicants need to ensure they update the council with any change in circumstances, including any additional medical need as soon as possible.

“This includes information regarding the names and number of occupants in the property. Any medical concerns should be submitted via the relevant form with supporting evidence. This is then presented to a medical panel.

“If an applicant has any new medical concerns, they can request a medical assessment form from the housing service which will be used to assess their circumstances via a medical panel.”

Silva Homes said it was now ‘working closely’ with Mrs Andrew. Colin Gallaugher, Commercial Services Director, said: “The health and safety of our customers is our highest priority.

“A damp and mould survey was carried out at the property in December 2023 which found a small amount of condensation-type mould in a bathroom.

“We wrote to the customer in January 2024 confirming the type of mould treatment that would be used. We’re sorry to hear about the customer’s allergic reaction and we’re working closely with them to provide further support and to prevent this happening again.”