Shocked neighbours have hit out after finding their garages blocked by scaffolding erected by landlord Silva Homes – with many saying they were only told after it went up.

Scaffolding went up at Tudor House in Easthampstead on January 22 so that weeks of roofing repairs could take place. But the scaffolding poles are stopping garage doors from opening. Tenants and owners claim they weren’t given any warning prior to the works.

Lorraine, who rents one of the garages said she’d heard ‘nothing’ from Silva Homes before the scaffolding went up. She told the News: “They’ve blocked all the garages.

“We weren’t given any warning – we’ve had no letter from Silva Homes. If we’d been on holiday and come back, we wouldn’t be able to get a car out because it’s all blocked in.”

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Lorraine said that the only information she’d heard was by word-of-mouth and on Facebook from neighbours who’d contacted Silva Homes to find out what was going on. She said one neighbour told her the scaffolding would be in place for ‘eight to 10 weeks'.

Although part of Tudor House, many of the garages are rented or owned by people on other streets nearby.

A Silva Homes spokesperson told the News the scaffolding would be in place until mid-March – and said all residents of Tudor House and all of those who rented a garage had been told.

But despite being asked twice by the News, Silva Homes would not confirm when tenants had been contacted. Lorraine said she’d only been called after this newspaper had asked the housing association for comment.

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A message from Silva Homes to one garage owner – seen by the News – says they hadn’t been contacted at all because the company ‘does not have contact details for private owners of garages'.

Silva Homes lead asset partner Tim Hall said: “Scaffolding has been erected at Tudor House to carry out some roofing works. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this is causing residents and garage users.

“We anticipate the scaffolding to be in place until mid-late March 2024 and are working to reduce the amount of time this impacts garage access. All residents of Tudor House, and those renting a garage, have been contacted by Silva Homes and will continue to be updated.”

He added that tenants paying rent to Silva Homes would be refunded for the time the scaffolding is in place.