Silva Homes says it is on course to have spent more than £520 million on repairs and refurbishments to its properties by 2038 – over £200 million more than promised to Bracknell Forest Council.

The claim comes after the housing association admitted it has “fallen short” in carrying out repairs, with tenants and leaseholders complaining of long delays.

Silva Homes committed to spending £312 million on repairs, upgrades and refurbishments over 30 years when it launched as Bracknell Forest Homes in 2008.

This was the result of a decision by Bracknell Forest Council to transfer most of its council homes to a housing association, claiming it could no longer afford to maintain the properties itself.

The spending commitment was included in the original contract between the council and the housing association in 2008.

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Now Silva Homes says it has already spent £211.5 million – and expects to have £528 million by the time the 30 year period is up.

Regional managing director Dasos Christou said: “As part of the transfer agreement from Bracknell Forest Council to Bracknell Forest Homes (now Silva Homes) in 2008, we committed to spending £312m on major repairs, improvements and day to day repairs between 2008 and 2038.

“Since then, £211.5m has been spent on these areas, with a projected spend of over £528m over the 30 year period.”

Mr Christou said the spending commitment is not affected by a recent merger between Silva Homes and the larger Abri housing group.

He said: “In 2023 Silva Homes joined the Abri Group and will maintain its financial plan, as well as benefit from new opportunities and investments. The legal relationship in the transfer agreement still exists and will be carried across when Abri becomes the legal landlord in 2024.”

Bracknell Forest Council says it still holds regular meetings with Silva Homes, which still houses people on the council’s behalf.

Grainne Siggins, the council’s executive director for people, said: “The council has a good working relationship with Silva Homes, holding regular meetings to ensure the smooth operation of the partnership between the two organisations.

“Silva Homes is the largest provider of social and affordable rented homes in Bracknell Forest. Discussions range from regular operational matters through to strategic work, including but not limited to, new initiatives to cover under occupation and overcrowding.”

She added that the council’s environmental health team is responsible for resolving complaints made to it about Silva Homes under the Housing Act.

She said: “The council’s environmental health team is the enforcing authority for the Housing Act. They work closely with Silva Homes to ensure tenant complaints that come through to the council are resolved.”