The Liberal Democrats' candidate for Wokingham, Clive Jones, is calling for government action to save Reading Football Club.

After 16 points deducted in three years due to many negligent actions from the owner - including; not paying staff wages on time, and relegation to League One as a direct result of these actions, the supporters have been campaigning to rid themselves of owner Dai Yongge.

The last two home matches have seen mass protests involving tennis balls disrupting play, while MPs of both Labour and Conservative parties have written to Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Lucy Frazer.

Mr Jones said: “Football clubs are the heart and soul of communities up and down the country. For many people in Wokingham, their weekends are spent watching Reading FC. 10 years ago, Reading were playing Premier League football. We want them to get back into the Championship and then one day back in the Premier League.

"It is not acceptable for owners to treat football clubs as vanity projects - without a thought or care for the thousands of people who are Loyal Royals”.

The Wokingham Liberal Democrats have pledged their support for the ‘Sell Before We Dai' movement - the supporter-led protest group campaigning for a change in ownership.

The Wokingham Lib Dems propose the following actions:

  • We call on the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to look to see how it can assist the EFL to avoid the risk of administration and secure new ownership for Reading FC.
  • The EFL should review its methods of disciplinary action taken against football clubs in relation to cases of mismanagement. Points deductions hurt supporters the most, rather than owners. This is the wrong way around.
  • The government must accelerate any plans to instil a regulatory body to help regulate ownership of professional football clubs.

“Reading Football Club has over 150 years of history behind it, and we must be doing all we can to make sure it can continue as the much-loved local institution that it is," Mr Jones added. "This is the time for action from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.”