Seven grass verges on a Bracknell street could be turned into parking spaces if the council approves the plans.

Housing association Silva Homes wants to pave over grass on Swaledale in Easthampstead and is seeking permission from Bracknell Forest Council. Planning documents suggest the council might be in favour – although one neighbour has raised concerns for the health of a nearby tree.

The neighbour said they understood the need for parking spaces. But they added: “We have already lost a few trees in Swaledale.

“It would be extremely disappointing if this tree suffers due to lack of consideration when there is potential to relocate these two spaces elsewhere in the street, or go without them.”

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Under the plans, grass verges in front of numbers 125 and 126, behind number 111, and at the end of garage blocks opposite numbers 13, 19, 27, 30 and 44 would be paved over. Silva Homes says this would create 11 new parking spaces.

The neighbour is concerned about a tree behind number 111.

Silva Homes’s application form says it received advice from council planning officers suggesting they would back the plans. It indicates they believe the benefit of new parking would outweigh the impact on the appearance of the area.

The form says Silva was advised: “It is felt the benefit of parking provision would outweigh the impact on the appearance of the surrounding area which is already dominated by parked cars and poor quality amenity strips.”

Bracknell Forest Council has not yet approved the plans, which may still need to be examined by tree officers.