Double yellow lines could be painted on 11 roads across the borough, and delivery drivers could be banned from unloading at another.

Bracknell Forest Council is preparing to implement the new rules later this year – but residents have the opportunity to object to them until Friday, May 3.

Residents can email Neil Matthews at or write to Neil Mathews, Assistant Director - Highways and Transport, Bracknell Forest Council, Time Square, Market Street, Bracknell, RG12 1JD.

The proposed changes and their locations are mapped and listed below:

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Vulcan Drive, Bracknell: two sets of double yellow lines on either sides of each of the pedestrian crossing points by the flats’ car park, on both sides of the road.

Austin Way, Bracknell: double yellow signs on the north and south sides of the road west of the junction with Tempest Mews, and on the east side, going northwards from the junction with Typhoon Close

Tempest Mews, Bracknell: double yellow lines southwards from the junction with Austin Way for ten metres.

Typhoon Close, Bracknell: double yellow lines eastwards from the junction with Austin way for ten metres:

Benetfeld Road, Bracknell: double yellow lines both sides of the road, starting 12 metres south from the junction with Fisher Green, ending at the junction with Horsnape Gardens.

Braybrooke Road, Bracknell: double yellow lines stretching north east for 15 metres from the junction with Shepherds Lane.

Mill Pond, Bracknell: No loading or unloading along the Mill Park access road at any time.

Wood Lane, Binfield: double yellow lines for 115 metres on either side of the road, next to the Binfield GP surgery car park.

Waterloo Road, Crowthorne: double yellow lines on the north side stretching 10 metres in each direction from the entrance of Copenhagen Mews

Pinehill Road, Crowthorne: double yellow lines for 95 metres on the northern side and 100 metres on the southern side starting from the junction with Sandhurst Road.

Brookers Corner, Crowthorne: double yellow lines both sides of the road for 17 metres from the junction with Bracknell Road.

North Street, Cranbourne: double yellow lines on the south east side, stretching for 15 metres south west from the junction with Montague Park.