Almost 2,000 solar panels could be built in the countryside between Bracknell and Wokingham, under plans set to be decided on this week.

Heathlands fruit farm on Honey Hill wants permission to build 1,762 solar panels on one of its fields. It argues that as the land is currently taken up by polytunnels for growing fruit in, the change would actually be an improvement on the countryside.

In a statement to Wokingham Borough Council, OSP Architects said: “The proposals would replace existing polytunnels on site and in doing so would have no greater impact on the countryside than exists presently.

“In fact the submitted additional PV information illustrates that the PV panels would be an environmental improvement over the polytunnels in terms of their visual impact and perceived bulk.

“The polytunnel area being replaced is of the same size as that suggested for the PV panels, thus, the proposal has no greater impact within Heathlands Farm or the wider locality in terms of scale.”

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The architects add that the solar farm would be largely shielded from public view by hedges, and would not cause any extra disturbance to nearby residents.

Plans say the electricity the solar farm generates would be largely used to power the farm’s operations, which produce fruit for UK supermarkets. Any extra power would be fed into the national grid.

Wokingham Borough Council’s planning committee was set to make a decision on Wednesday, December 13. Planning officers recommend that councillors vote to approve the plans.