Countryside concerns have been raised as developers bid to build 10 more new houses on a site already facing major development between Bracknell and Wokingham.

Wilson Developments wants to build homes in Binfield, which is part of Bracknell Forest. But it would be directly opposite another planned development in Wokingham Borough on the opposite side of London Road.

Under the plans submitted to Bracknell Forest Council, the cluster of homes would sit in between the London Road dual carriageway and a slip road at Amen Corner.

It would be within view of a site south of Piglittle Field, on the other side London Road, where Wilson Development wants to build 45 more homes.

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The housing developer has already applied to Wokingham Borough Council for permission to build up to 45 homes just south of Piglittle Field. It would be separated from Wokingham town by the A329 motorway.

Bracknell Forest Council planning officers have told their counterparts at Wokingham Borough Council that they object to the plan as an “incursion into countryside area.”

The public consultation period on the 45 homes ended in November, and Wokingham Borough Council has yet to make a decision. Bracknell Forest Council’s consultation on the 10 homes at Amen Corner is still open.

The plans for the 10 homes would also connect to other big new housing developments underway in Binfield.

They would be directly opposite the Coppid View housing development, which is already partially completed. This joins onto the Amen Corner South development that was given planning permission in August.

The plans are also on the other side of the carriageway from the recently-completed Amen Corner North development.