Fears that new flats on a leafy Ascot road could blight neighbours’ lives with noisy children are among the objections to new homes in the town.

Plans to demolish a country house on Coronation Road and replace it with a building of six flats are set to be decided on by Bracknell Forest Council.

But some neighbours have told the council that no flats should be allowed on the road at all, which contains mostly big houses with large gardens.

A resident of one neighbouring house, Badias Glade, wrote: “Any block of flats, (luxury or not) that contains living space to accommodate up to 20 children, will generate loud noise from children and their activities, especially in the communal space to the rear.

“This is going to be very noisy indeed, akin to living next to a nursery school or very large playpark neither of which I want to live next to.”

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Other neighbours have argued that the proposed building is too large, too close to their homes, and would bring unwelcome extra traffic.

Coronation Road resident David Ashworth wrote: “The proposed development is not in keeping with the area which is one of houses in a woodland setting.

“The inclusion of parking spaces will result in circa 50% of the area being a combination of tarmac, concrete and buildings.

“There is no pavement for the additional foot traffic that 6 households will produce - thus making Coronation Road increasingly dangerous. The resultant increase in road traffic will further adversely affect the environment.”

Dr Ahmed Shalabi of Carrol Crescent said the flats would have a ‘bird’s eye view’ of neighbours’ houses. He said: “Plans submitted give a bird’s eye view of neighbouring houses, causing loss of privacy and neighbours are unanimously in agreement that we all live in this area for this very reason.”

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Under plans submitted to Bracknell Forest Council, the house known as Highvelds would be demolished and replaced with a three storey building.

Planning officers are recommending that councillors approve the plans. They say that the flats are within Ascot’s settlement boundaries, and so would not overdevelop the countryside.

They also say the building would be far enough away from neighbours’ houses, and that council high way officers have not raised concerns.

Plans to replace Highveld with another house were previously approved in August 2021, but were never put into action.

The council’s planning committee is set to debate and vote on the plans on Thursday, December 14.