Councillors have sided with homeowners on a Bracknell street who want to build an extension to their house – despite neighbours’ fear that it would block their light.

Residents on Tawfield applied for planning permission to demolish their garage and replace it with a two-storey extension to their detached house.

But nearby neighbour Mr Geroge said the plans would block the flow of natural light into his kitchen.

Members of Bracknell Forest Council’s planning committee visited the street before debating and voting on the dispute at a meeting on Thursday, August 17.

Councillor Stephen O’Regan worried that the plan – which included demolishing the garage – would disrupt the “rhythm” of the street.

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He said: “Most four-bedroom properties which had converted their garage had a different design, and most which had an extension had retained their garage.

“It’s just my personal opinion. To have such a large property without a garage, that may not be the best way of developing that property in terms of its value for resale in the future. But that’s just my personal opinion.”

But councillor Dorothy Hayes said that visiting the street showed that other residents had similar extensions without problems or complaints.

She said: “It was worth going to the site because it gave us the opportunity to see that others had been able to attain exactly what was happening on the planning application.”

Councillors on the committee voted unanimously to approve the extension.