A neighbours’ dispute over a proposed two-storey extension is set to be settled by Bracknell Forest Council’s planning committee over parking problems and overshadowing.

Residents in Tawfield have applied for planning permission to demolish their garage and replace it with a two-storey extension to their detached house.

But Bracknell Forest Council received 10 objections to the plans – some from as far afield as Newbury and Hungerford – fearing that the extension would overshadow the neighbour’s house and cause parking problems.

Nearby neighbour Mr George said the plans would block the flow of natural light into his kitchen. He said: “Our property has stood for more than 40 years and had the benefit of all-natural light.”

Many other objections also raised concerns for the neighbours at this address. One person from Hungerford wrote: “The site is not suitable to be made into five bedrooms from four.

"The size of the proposed extension will have a major impact on the side window and privacy to No 20. This would have a great and unfair negative impact.”

Another person, from Newbury, echoed that fear, writing: “Site not suitable to be made into five bedrooms from four. The size of the proposed extension will have a major impact on the side window to No 20.”

One objection came from someone from Newbury who said they’d been invited 'as part of a group of delegates to the site to observe and comment'. And an architect, from Earley, objected as a friend of the neighbours at 20 Tawfield.

He noted that the extension was too close to the boundary between the two houses, and that the extension needed to be set back from the front to make it 'subservient to the main house'. He also said that plans needed to include three parking spaces.

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After the objections, architects from Viaduct Surveying Services submitted new plans, moving the extension further away from the boundary with number 20 and setting it back from the front of the main house. They also submitted plans showing three parking spaces on the front drive.

Bracknell Forest Council planning officers then contacted those who had objected – but only three of them withdrew their complaints.

Officers say the plans would not block light into number 20, and that the parking plans are acceptable. Their report to the meeting says: “The extension would not project beyond the rear most elevation of the neighbouring property and therefore would not impact on any rear facing windows.

“As the side elevation of no.20 Tawfield facing no.19 does not contain any windows to habitable rooms there will be no adverse impact on light to habitable rooms.”

Bracknell Forest Council planning committee will make a decision on the plan on Thursday, August 17.