The fate of plans to build a 305-home neighbourhood in Binfield is set to be decided at Bracknell Forest Council next week – as nearby residents fear the development would bring a huge increase in traffic and a strain on services.

Developers Persimmon Homes want to build the neighbourhood at Amen Corner South, just west of Bracknell, spanning the border with Wokingham.

The proposed development is for 305 dwellings, including a total of 12 apartment blocks across the site, comprising a range of one-bedroom flats to four-bedroom houses.

The plan details the housing mix is to be made up of 64 one-bed flats, 54 two-bed flats, 160 two-bed houses, 26 three-bed houses and one four-bed house. The houses would consist of predominantly two-storey semi-detached and terraced properties.

Some 76 homes – 25 per cent of the total – would be classed as “affordable.” Persimmon Homes also want to build a block of shops and offices as part of the development, with some 100 parking spaces, as well as green spaces and play areas.

In their plans submitted to the council, Persimmon Homes said the proposed site, between London Road and Berkshire Way, is currently “informal and unmanaged scrubland.” It would be accessed from the already existing road North View.

But residents of nearby houses have written in to object, worried that the 305 new homes would bring much more congestion to the roads – and more demand on local services.

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One neighbour on a nearby street noted that the plans don’t include a new primary school to serve the new residents.

She said: “Over 300 dwellings and no school provision is outrageous. The local school infrastructure will not be able to accommodate 300 new families as the local school, Kings Academy Oakwood, only takes 30 children per year who will all come from the current amen corner development.

“Where are all of these children going to go to school?” She added, “I also object based on the impact to local wildlife. We already regularly see deer and animals on the roads and this will force more out into the roads.”

But officers are recommending that councillors approve the plans at a meeting of the council’s planning committee next Thursday, August 17.

Their report to the meeting says the plans would “result in no adverse impacts upon the amenity of both existing and future occupiers.”