The first two Green Party councillors in Bracknell have said they’ll be a voice against building on the Green Belt.

Councillors Sheila Collings and Adrian Haffegee said they believe their record in standing up against controversial housing developments is one of the reasons they were voted onto the council in local elections last month.

“One of the major concerns of residents over recent years in Bracknell Forest, has been building on the green belt,” councillor Collings told the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

“We all know we need new houses, but we also have to have protection of green space as well. And I think that will become more important as you know, climate change appears to be taking hold.”

Councillor Collings pointed to the Greens’ opposition to now-cancelled plans for a 2,000-home village at Jeallott’s Hil, north of Warfield, which they now represent at Bracknell Forest.

The previous Conservative-led council had to scrap that proposal after government inspectors objected.

“There was a proposal to build 2,000 homes up at Jealott’s Hill, and of course there was a lot of objections from residents,” said Cllr Collings.

“We were both supportive of that plan being removed. I think a lot of residents in Warfield have recognised that we weren’t happy with that proposal and therefore feel that we may better represent their interests in the future.”

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Councillors Collings and Haffegee were both elected to represent the newly-created Binfield North and Warfield West in last month’s local elections—taking 1,905 votes between them.

Councillor Haffegee says that makes them the first two Green Party members ever to be elected to a borough council in all of East Berkshire.

Now, he says, their first priority is representing the constituents in their ward – but they also want to “push hard” on climate change issues in the council.

The new Labour council leader Mary Temperton has said she wants to achieve “enormous things” on the climate and as taken personal responsibility for it.

Councillor Haffegee said that meant the two Greens would be “broadly supportive,” of the council’s climate work. He said councillor Temperton “Really gives a lot of herself to this job, and certainly her views as far as climate change goes.”

However, he added: “Being Greens, we want to push really hard on that. So we may be trying to push a bit harder than others.

“As Greens we hope to work with all parties. It doesn’t matter what party you’re with, we want to work with people right across the party where we agree.”