Here are the results for Bracknell Forest Council’s all-out elections announced on Friday, May 5. 

The Labour party have taken control of the council in this year’s elections as  they gain 22 seats after 26 years of a conservative led council in Bracknell Forest.

This means that Council leader, Paul Bettison will leave after over two decades of service as a councillor for Sandhurst.

Two green party councillors, Sheila Collings and Adrian Haffegee, were estatic to be voted in for the first time in East Berkshire within the Binfield North and Warfield West ward. 

The composition of the council is now:

Labour: 22

Green: 2

Conservatives: 10 

Liberal Democrats: 7


Binfield North and Warfield West ward

Sheila Collings (GREEN)

Adrian Haffegee (GREEN)

John Harrison (CON)


Whitegrove ward

Gareth Barnard (CON)

Robert McLean (CON)


Harmans Water and Crown Wood

Cherise Welch (LAB)

Jodie Watts (LAB)

Pete Frewer (LAB)


Sandhurst ward

Christoph Eberle (LIB DEM)

Mike Forster (LIB DEM)

Mohammed Zahuruddin (LIB DEM)


Crowthorne ward

Tina McKenzie-Boyle (CON)

Tina Eberle (LIB DEM)

Nicholas Robertson (CON)


Priestwood and Garth ward

Tricia Brown (LAB)

Ryan Frost (LAB)

Michael Karim (LAB)


Bullbrook ward

Caroline Egglestone (LAB)

Kandy Jefferies (LAB)


Hanworth ward

Cath Thompson (LAB)

Jenny Penfold (LAB)

Janet Cochrane (LAB)


Great Hollands ward

Mary Temperton (LAB)

Gerry Webb (LAB)

Naheed Ejaz (LAB)


Easthampstead and Wildridings ward

Paul Bidwell (LAB)

Guy Gillbe (LAB)

Helen Purnell (LAB)


Owlsmoor and College Town ward

Nick Allen (CON)

Raymond Mossom (CON)

Philip Thompson (LIB DEM)


Swinley Forest ward

Sophie Forster (LIB DEM)

Patrick Smith (LIB DEM)


Town Centre and The Parks ward

Roy Bailey (LAB)

Megan Wright (LAB)