Bracknell's MP has said he wants to give “credit where credit is due” to the Labour Party after his Conservative Party colleagues lost control of the council in earthquake local elections last week.

James Sunderland said he would be a “critical friend” of the now-Labour dominated Bracknell Forest Council, and hold its leading executive “to scrutiny,” in a statement released on Wednesday 10 May.

He said that the Labour Party “fought an effective campaign and pulled off a shock victory alongside the Liberal Democrats and other parties".

The Conservative politician, who has represented Bracknell since 2019, said: “I wish them well as they get up to speed with the complex portfolios that they now hold and embark on the many challenges and privileges that lie ahead.”

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Referring to an interview Bracknell Labour leader Mary Temperton gave the Local Democracy Reporting Service, he added: “I was also pleased to see the statement from Councillor Mary Temperton in which she said that the council should be ‘much more open and accessible’ to people and to do it ‘with them’.”

But, he said, he would continue to represent Bracknell in parliament “as a proud Conservative".

"I will be unwavering on the traditional core values of Law and Order, Defence, Education, Jobs, and Global Britain,” he said.

“I am also clear that we must reduce the cost of living, inflation and energy prices following recent international events and I will lobby hard for lower taxation to ensure that we all have more in our pockets.”