Children are being encouraged to promote mental health as a local author visits Bracknell Forest schools for World Book Day.

Over the next few days, schools will be joining the nation in celebrating all of the vibrant characters and lessons that have been taught through the different stories we read everyday.

Alison Heaslewood (pen name Alison H Simpson) will be joining children from local Wokingham and Sandhurst schools to introduce the positive messages that come from her newly published book, Bodhi the Pirate Dog which was released in October 2021.

The book that is being shared in schools on World Book Day is inspired by the authors Romanian rescue dog.

Bodhi the Pirate Dog is a social-emotional, rhyming and counting picture book.

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The story features a brave pirate dog who journeys across the Seven Seas with his friend Eugene the frog, comparing himself to others before realising how wonderfully talented and special he is.

Heaslewood said: “The culture of comparing ourselves to others can create low self-esteem and a belief that we’re not good enough. Differences are great and we’re all different! When we can see our differences as a positive thing, we can love and accept ourselves and others, just as we are.”

Bracknell News:

Alison has used her own experiences from over-coming central sensitisation syndrome and fibromyalgia to inspire children her books

She said: I’ve now been relatively pain free for nearly ten years and I’ve even weaved the theme of overcoming adversity into the book because I feel it’s so important.”

Since the successful Kickstarter campaign where she raised £5000 towards publishing and distribution of Bodhi the Pirate Dog, she has been donating hundreds of copies to local charities across Berkshire.

Bracknell charity shop, BAS Books have received donations to fundraise for Sebastian’s Action Trust.

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Alison has been busy offering free library, nursery and school visits and has just embarked on a tour of local schools to spread the message

She added: “I’m so excited to be reading my book to hundreds of children this World Book Day.”

The author will be joining Wescott Primary, Wokingham and St Michael's Primary, Sandhurst on 3 March, and Owlsmoor Primary on 4 March.