'FAILURES of leadership and judgement' by the Government for Covid breaches included the Prime Minister’s birthday party and a gathering in his Downing Street flat.

The Prime Minister apologised on Monday and insisted “I get it and I will fix it” as he faced fresh calls to resign after Sue Gray’s report.

But he repeatedly refused to rule out calls, including from senior Tory MPs, to publish the full unredacted report from the senior civil servant after she conceded she had to pare it back while the Metropolitan Police investigate.

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We've taken a look at the number of people who died in the Berkshire area on the days the parties took place.

147 people died in Berkshire on the dates mentioned in the Gray report update.

The dozen events being looked at by officers include a “gathering in the No 10 Downing Street flat” on November 13 2020, the night Mr Johnson’s former aides Dominic Cummings and Lee Cain left their roles.

It also avoids directly criticising the Prime Minister himself, which will provide Mr Johnson with a small amount of insulation from further attacks and allows him to maintain his position that he believed the events he attended were within the rules.

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