Bracknell is the 'it' place to be if you want a nice shopping experience and a newbuild home to move into - everyone will know this fact.

And we have 21 other facts as to how you know someone is from Bracknell

From weaving your way around endless roundabouts to parking being an absolute headache (in some estates), there are many little quirks to tell if someone hails from one of the best towns in Berkshire.

Bracknell News:

We asked News readers to finish this sentence: 'You know you're from Bracknell when' .. and this is what they said. 

Let us know if you think they've missed anything off below. 

  1. You’ve mastered the art of navigating big roundabouts.
  2. you still refer to Braccan Walk car park as Charles Square.
  3. You can see the Fujitsu building from anywhere Bracknell News:
  4. It takes 45 minutes in the morning to drive from Birch Hill shops to the Hanworth roundabout...
  5. Tracksuits, baseball caps and sovereign rings are the normal clothes for the bride and groom.
  6. You mention Met office roundabout and newbie’s look at you funny.
  7. You know somebody that worked at Clifford’s Dairy Bracknell News:
  8. You ask for a glass of Walter
  9. New housing estates seem to pop up from no where.Bracknell News:
  10. Can't find space for parking...
  11. When people ask on Facebook why the police helicopter is out
  12. When people tell you they live in the threepenny bit and you know what they mean.
  13. They say meet at the bandstand.Bracknell News:
  14. The price of your house goes up daily.
  15. You have visited Coral Reef Waterworld Bracknell News:
  16. You know the best takeaway for miles is in a car park next to the rugby club Bracknell News:
  17. You know that Ceaser never went anywhere near Ceasers Camp
  18. You say you’re from a little town near Ascot
  19. You’ve shopped in Bracknell ‘Arrods.Bracknell News:
  20. You mention the Broadmoor Siren
  21. When people say they live in Warfield, but you know they live in Bracknell.