A disabled Bracknell resident has said he feels let down by the police after being reprimanded for calling 999.

William Harris, from the Great Hollands area of Bracknell, claims he has played witness to a variety of crimes and anti-social behaviour in his neighbourhood for a number of years and says he has ‘yet to have a satisfactory outcome from TVP or the council.’

He explains: “One time the police came out and told me off for ringing 999 and when I rang the last time I was told it was not an emergency.

“I was told to ring 101. However, this number is a charged number and I do not have credit in my phone all the time.”

“I have reported anti-social behaviour from my neighbours but I am not being believed. I was told to write incidents down but nothing has been done.”

“One of the officers who is liaising with the council said recording equipment was going to be put in my house, but this has not happened. How can I collect evidence when I do not have an object to collect evidence with?”

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William said he believes his disability has put him in a vulnerable position when dealing with the police and other officials.

After receiving little result from TVP he said: “I’ve been in touch with the IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) and they have said that they will get back in touch with me within 4 weeks as they have had dozens of complaints.”

Harris has also been a victim of fraud, and despite reporting it was left helpless as to what to do.

He said: “I called the police about an incident of fraud on my account and the only thing that happened was they gave me a leaflet.

“Someone called me 13 months later and, in the end, I was turned into the bad guy.”

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Thames Valley Police have commented: “We have received a formal complaint, which will be investigated by our Professional Standards Department.

“Therefore, while this investigation is ongoing, we would not be in a position to comment further."