As we prepare to head into 2022, we have had a look back at 2021 and what we were reading in another challenging year.


Bracknell News:

As we rang in the new year, the UK’s third lockdown was well underway. More communities were being asked to isolate and the rollout of the vaccine programme had just starting to get up and running. A 105 year-old resident was reported to be one of the first people in Bracknell to receive the vaccine.

Following the announcement of the New Years honours list, congratulations were given to NHS heroes and charity campaigners. This includes a Royal Berkshire senior nurse and an airline pilot from Wokingham.

Snow fell in the last week of January in Bracknell for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, turning Bracknell into a winter wonderland. Throughout the town, smiling families could be seen playing in the snow with joyous smiles on their faces.

Bracknell News:

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Bracknell Town Centre was again in store for some major changes in February.

Bracknell News:

The demolition of the iconic Bentall’s store in the town centre was arranged to make way for the development of The Deck. The green light was given for the go ahead of the new ‘Wimpy’ building to be secured in an empty space in Princess Square, and a new Sports Direct will be replacing an old Sainsbury’s unit in the town centre.

In the Bracknell Forest area, police were clamping down on Covid hotspots. Great Hollands, was displaying as a high risk neighbourhood this month.

In a story not to be forgotten, Hollywood star Dame Judi Dench has paid tribute to the new food waste truck named after her by Bracknell Forest residents, saying in a video that she is ‘proud’ to be named after the truck.


Bracknell News:

Plans to overhaul The Peel Centre and The Point to be transformed into a mixed development containing 900 homes, a supermarket and some shops have dominated the front pages this month. The development was waiting for plans to be approved which will happen in three stages over the years.

The Council assured residents that if a new variant of Covid-19 was detected in the borough, the surge testing unit was ready to go if needed. At that point no such variant had been found. Rapid test centres began to pop up in the town centre as lockdown rules began to lighten.

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Lexicon bosses hit back after concerns about a rodent infestation around the town centre and lockdown. Residents reported seeing rats in the underpass near the Lexicon and it is said this may be because of recent demolition of the Bentall’s department store.


Bracknell News:

After a long and treacherous winter of lockdowns, the country was beginning to awaken as Bracknell town centre filled with crowds of people excited to get back to semi-normality. Lockdown easing saw shoppers return and beer gardens reopen on April 12. Shoppers flocked to The Lexicon this week as more coronavirus lockdown restrictions were lifted. Dubbed as ‘Freedom Day’, April 12 saw the reopening of non-essential shops, gyms, hair salons and pub gardens.

There was a fresh bid to build dozens of homes at Bracknell football club. Plans to build a development of 126 houses in Larges lane are set to take place after the existing structure is demolished.

The month ended with some rather gruesome news, when a man was found in an underpass after a brutal attack. Thames Valley Police were called at 3.30am on April 25 after a man was found with a serious head injury in the Twin Bridges roundabout underpass. A thorough investigation was carried out by the police.

Bracknell News:


After the horrific news of the attack at the Twin Bridges underpass last month, tributes were paid to the victim who sadly passed away. Thousands of pounds were raised after a fundraising page was set up by friends of Agapito de Sousa in memory of him, raising £8,599.

The TVP reported that another man was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and theft in the Twin Bridges attack. Police were urging people with any information to come forward.

Bracknell News:

The month ended on a historic occasion that will not be forgotten for years to come. In a once in a lifetime play, Binfield FC played in front of thousands at Wembly Stadium for the very first time. Around 1,500 fans were there to see them compete against the Warrington Rylands in the final of the FA Vase. Unfortunately, the team did not come out victorious, with the final score 3-2 to their rivals.

Bracknell News:



As we entered the summer months, hundreds of Bracknell residents were seen coming together with a petition to stop development at a beloved shopping centre. The plan is to ensure the town has clear boundaries between retail and residential land-use and development

Bracknell News:

In a dramatic turn of events, two sisters, Georgie and Melissa and Georgie Laurie originally from Sandhurst were hospitalized abroad after fighting off a crocodile while swimming in a lagoon in Mexico.  After spending time in a medically induced coma Melissa regained her strength and it was reported that she was recovering well.

The Covid-19 update said that there were hundreds of residents urged to get tested following the rise in Covid-19 variant. Bracknell Forest Council announced surge testing across specific areas of Bracknell in a response to growing concerns over the rising number of cases linked to the Delta variant.



Bracknell News:

Bracknell ladies kicked off in the month of July by tying the knot before the Euros clash against England and Ukraine. TV were set up so Sarah and Anna Bayley could watch the game just after they cut the cake.

Sadly, a local school in Bracknell was the subject of a discrimination case about the treatment of a special needs child in September 2020. The school apologised and has said that because of the incident extra training is being given to school leaders about understanding special needs children following the fall out.

A local resident known for her award winning six foot tall Pyrenean Mountain dog was reported as ‘beyond proud’ when he was chosen to star on Channel 4’s Big Dog Britain.

Summer fun was underway as July came to an end at the new Golfplex in Binfield. Situated at the site of the Blue Mountain Club, it is said that it plans to carry on the legacy of the long running golf club in Bracknell.

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Bracknell News:

Ping culture was announced throughout the UK and NHS figures showed that 2,031 people in Bracknell Forest were “pinged” by the Covid app in the week to July 21.

There were plans for a major town centre overhaul laid out throughout August.

This included the development of 377 homes to replace offices at Bracknell Beaches, an old NEXT outlet at The PEEL retail park transformed into a new ‘Home Bargins’ and for Bracknell FC it really is the end of an era. Their football ground was planned to be demolished and ‘The Robbins’ will be moving to a new stadium at the Bottom Meadow.

Bracknell News:

Local school children celebrated their A-Level results, highlighting certain high achieving students. A particular Brakenhale School student gained her place at Oxford University with 4 A*s and a 100 percent pass rate in all her A level results.


Bracknell News:

The town donned their running shoes this month as 600 residents took part and celebrated the annual half–marathon event in the 13-mile race throughout Bracknell Forest.

As schools return across the borough to begin another year, there was of rising concerns and Covid-19 fears. A warning was issued to residents over Covid-safety and the council issued advice, reminding residents that it is no longer a requirement to keep pupils or students in year group or classroom bubbles to reduce mixing.

September saw the national petrol crisis unfolding where cars and lorries queued for miles trying to panic buy fuel after threat of a national shortage. Drivers were urged not to panic buy, queues clogged up the forecourts and paramedics pled with panic buyers as emergency services struggled for fuel.

Bracknell News:

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Campaigners were gearing up this month for a battle with a major research company over their designs to build a new science park and 2,000 homes in Warfield. The campaigners have bitterly opposed the scheme to build on Jealott’s Hill because it involves construction on the Green Belt.

In and around Bracknell town, a new Banksy inspired graffiti artist called Peachy has took aim at recent protest with new ‘insult Britain’ artwork. This comes after climate protestors caused disruption and distress on roads coming in and out of Bracknell.

The month ends on a tragic note when an investigation takes place over abandoned puppies that were found after being found in a bad position in the cold dark streets. The puppies were found in Silver Hill near Sandhurst by two different members of the public.

Bracknell News: November

As we gradually reached the year end, it was determined that during a Valentine’s day shooting in February of this year Joseph O’Neil laid low and tried to cover his tracks before attending Thames Valley Police station with his solicitor. This trial continues into the new year and 2 people have been accused of murder.

Neighbours have slammed the Thames Valley Police after they did nothing after anti-social behaviour in The Oaks that created a huge police presence.

The latest Covid news for November was that, as the weather gets colder, and people are communing more indoors there has been a spike of cases in young people with a warning from families that no one is safe.

The month ended with some mysterious news. The investigation of the man that was attacked and died earlier this year has been dropped and is no longer classed as a murder case.

Bracknell News:


The season really got off with a bang at the beginning of December with Bracknell’s famous ‘Santa Dash’ through Swinley forest. Hundreds of Santa’s were seen storming through the trees for a very special cause.

Bracknell News:

The abandoned Winkfield pub has been a topic of much debate throughout the years and unfortunately an ‘unhappy’ citizen spoke out about the anti-social behaviour that has happened in the last couple of weeks. Plans were made to create a new restaurant in its place, however this has yet to be accepted.

The level of Covid-19 cases started to soar as the Omicron variant was revealed and local schools have Covid scare.