A decision has been made on a controversial plan to allow deliveries to begin at 3am at a Tesco superstore in Bracknell.

The supermarket chain applied to begin deliveries at 3am each night at its superstore in County Lane, Warfield.

So far, deliveries have begun at 5am.

But the bid for earlier deliveries proved unpopular with neighbours, with 14 people objecting.

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Earlier this year, David Valentyne, who lives nearby, argued the store gives him a trouble sleeping and that he had to ‘fight’ with the manager to stop work taking place at 5.30am.

Warfield Parish Council also objected to the earlier deliveries, arguing the current hours should be maintained to reduce the impact on neighbours.

Concerns about noise and light disturbing neighbours were raised at at recent Bracknell Forest Council planning meeting.

Cllr Dorothy Hayes MBE (Conservative, Ascot) asked whether any controls would be imposed on lights used.

In reply, planning officer Olivia Jones said that the council’s environmental health officer had raised no concerns about the lighting.

The planning committee decided to approve the application at its meeting on Thursday, December 16.

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Curiously, a condition has been imposed that bans delivery drivers from using their reversing alarms before 7am.

Officer Jones said there are currently no restrictions on the use of the reversing alarms, so approval would reduce the level of noise disturbance for neighbours if the drivers comply.

Councillor Colin Dudley, the chairman of the committee, voiced support for the condition.

Cllr Dudley, (Conservative, Crown Wood) said:  “This is becoming a malaise of our society these days, that supermarkets do need additional delivery times to be able to keep up with the demand, especially during these COVID times.

“The reversing alarms which I think cause the most noise on these large lorries, are to be deactivated until 7 o’clock, so policy-wise we have very little on which to refuse this application.”

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Meanwhile, cllr Tony Virgo (Conservative, Winkfield and Cranbourne), opposed the plan.

He said: “It gets earlier and earlier and earlier, and I just think it goes a bit too far. I think five o’clock is perfectly OK, and should be able to be operated. I can’t support it.”

Ultimately, early deliveries were approved by 13 votes to one, with only cllr Virgo voting against it.