DRIVERS will have to follow an 11.4-mile diversion around Wokingham to bypass a small stretch of roadworks from tomorrow.

Road repairs due to take place on Nine Mile Ride just under three miles long could cause huge delays to drivers, with the diversion route expected to take 24 minutes to follow.

Construction works by Balfour Beatty will take place on Nine Mile Ride at its junction with Park Lane.

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The works are programmed to commence on Thursday, June 10 and are expected to last until October 31, during which time the road will need to be closed to vehicular traffic.

Wokingham Borough Council has published an updated official diversion route online, which can be viewed by clicking this link.

For locals who know their way around, there are a number of shorter but unofficial routes that drivers can take to avoid the road closure.

Bracknell News:

The alternative routes may not be suitable for HGVs and should be avoided if using larger machinery.

Reading Buses has also published a diversion route it will be using during the works.

Leopard 3 journeys that run to or from Wokingham will have a diversion between Arborfield Green and Barkham.

Buses will run along Langley Common Road and also run up and down Barkham Ride to access as many stops as possible. However, stops between Hogwood Lane Industrial Estate and California Crossroads Ratepayer’s Hall will not be in use for the duration of the works.

Reading Buses say that journeys between Reading and Arborfield Green will not be affected.

Currently the operator says that unlike previous closures in the area funding has not been provided by the contractors or highway authority for a shuttle bus to maintain links to the closed stops, leaving those areas totally isolated.

Timetables are now available online for the leopard 3 service.

School day service 93 will be diverted along the same route as the leopard 3 using Langley Common Road to/from Bohunt School.

Robert Williams, Reading Buses Chief Executive Officer: “Although at this stage we cannot promise residents of Nine Mile Ride that there will be a shuttle bus, we understand that our services are essential for access to work, education, shopping, healthcare and more.

“It is the second round of road closures in this area within a short period, so we shall certainly be investigating the possibility with Balfour Beatty and Wokingham Borough Council on behalf of our customers.

“We guarantee our customers that we will work as hard as possible to minimise the inconvenience and that should funding be found for a shuttle bus we are able to step in and provide it at a moment’s notice.”