PLANNED POWERCUTS are expected to impact a number of homes in Bracknell and Wokingham this week.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks sometimes cut power to certain areas in order to carry out essential maintenance work.

Power cuts can be a nightmare for people, especially if you're working from home people before they go ahead.

According to their website, residents have received a letter in the post to inform them of the planned power cut.

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SSE said if you did not receive this letter, you can assume your power will not be interrupted.

Here is a full list of the planned power cuts across Bracknell and Wokingham this week:

RG12 8SS

RG40 2JE

RG40 3BY

RG40 3BZ

RG40 3DA

RG40 3DB

RG40 3DJ

RG40 3YZ

What time? Power to be returned at 4pm today.