These are the top filming sites in BRACKNELL that directors would be wise to choose for their next project.

It is well-known that Bracknell has something of a filming pedigree, from featuring as Harry Potter’s home at 4 Privet Drive, in Martins Heron, to hosting the ski-slope scenes for Eddie the Eagle.

Seven locations in Bracknell have been identified as possible spots for filming in a council run initiative.

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Set up in 2019, the Berkshire Film Office champions the county as a place for shooting films and TV shows, acting as a liaison between studios and Berkshire’s six councils.

The locations in Bracknell can serve a number of needs, whether it be film or TV show makers are looking for a grand interior for a period drama, a park or even a courtroom.

Swinley Forest is also a popular location for filming, having been used for Harry Potter, The Theory of Everything, and Netflix series The Witcher.

All the councils in Berkshire are clients of the Berkshire Film Office, but Bracknell Forest arguably has the most filming pedigree. See the ideal locations the Film Office has identified below:

Lily Hill Park and Lodge

Bracknell News: Lilly Hill Park. Credit: Berkshire Film Office

Location: Lily Hill Park, Lily Hill Road, Bracknell RG12 2RX

Lily Hill Park bridges Bracknell and Ascot, and is  ideal for film makers who want to shoot in parks, formal gardens, woodlands, or is looking for a period setting.

It has already hosted film crews for Teletubbies and CBeebies.

Pope’s Meadow

Bracknell News: Popes Meadow.  Credit: Berkshire Film Office

Location: Pope’s Meadow, St Mark’s Road, Binfield RG42 4BB

Pope’s Meadow is a beautiful, tranquil location that could be used for period settings or a quiet retreat for characters.

It has been used as a setting for Channel 4 series The Undateables, which follows disabled people in their quests to find love.

Shepherd Meadows

Bracknell News: Shepherd Meadow. Credit: Berkshire Film Office

Location: Shepherd Meadow Car Park, College Town, Sandhurst GU47 0FL

With rivers, waterways, lakes and woodland, Shepherd Meadows in Sandhurst can be great for filmmakers looking for somewhere quiet.

Perhaps it would be an ideal place for a romantic scene as well?

South Hill Park

Bracknell News: South Hill Park. Credit: Berkshire Film Office

Location: South Hill Park, Ringmead, Bracknell RG12 2RX

Those looking to film a period drama in a place with history might want to consider South Hill Park. The mansion in South Hill Park dates back to the 19th Century, making it perfect for productions set in the Victorian era.

Outside, there are immaculately kept gardens and the park itself. This place has a pedigree for performance with its numerous theatres.

Station Green

Bracknell News: Bracknell Station Green. Credit: Berkshire Film Office

Location: Station Green, Bracknell town centre RG12 1JD

In the heart of Bracknell, Station Green has been identified as a place for those who want to film in modern surroundings.

It can even double as a town or city location for a TV series or film.

The Court House

Bracknell News: Bracknell Court House. Credit: Berkshire Film Office

Location: The Court House, Broadway, Bracknell RG12 1AE

If you need a court for your TV show or film, The Court House is great for it.

Perfect for crime and detective dramas, the court is intimate and austere.

Westmorland Park

Bracknell News: Westmorland Park. Credit: Berkshire Film Office

Location: Westmorland Park, Westmorland Drive, Warfield RG42 3QP

Westmorland Park in Warfield can be used for its park, woodlands, and leisure facilities.

The park has tennis courts, football pitches, a basketball hoop and a baseball diamond – so if you are filming a reality series you can get your cast out here for some activities.

Studios can request to film in these locations and others across Berkshire via the Berkshire Film Office website.

The office also acts as talent scout and assists film studios to find facilities.