LAST week the home to Bracknell's notorious ski slope announced they were under financial strain.

The John Nike Leisure Sport Complex in Binfield which runs the ski slopes and ice rink told the News they commencing consultations on potential redundancies.

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It comes as the company cannot continue to finance the losses of the business due to the financial strains of Covid-19.

The announcement sparked concerns over the future of the ice rink and ski slope which once filmed legendary film Eddie the Eagle.

In light of the news, we looked back at a special time when producers of the film used the ski slope as a filming location.

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If you've ever seen the film you might recognise this iconic image.

At the beginning of the film Eddie lines up along side the skiing hopefuls and knocks over the other skiers as Dustin is making a speech

Taron Egerton stars in the biography of the notorious British ski-jumper Michael Edwards.

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Unsurprisingly, a lot of the filming takes place in the snowy locations of Bavaria, Oberstdorf and Tirol, but Bracknell played a part in the silver-screen hit too.

Dry slope scenes were shot at the John Nike ski slope in 2015, and crews also used Pope’s Meadow car park for some shots.

One Bracknell resident felt "flustered" after realising Taron Egerton was just 15 minutes away from where she lives.