It’s been a busy week for those involved in planning in Bracknell as a series of applications have been approved, refused and submitted.

The biggest news was the approval of apartment block containing 15 flats on the dormant site of the old St Margaret Clitherow Roman Catholic Church in Bracknell.

The site was described by Councillor Thomas Parker (Liberal Democrat) as a “wasteland.”

Elsewhere, a request to chop down four protected oak trees in Warfield was rejected, as was a retrospective application to change the location of windows on a newly built garage.

These plans, and others, were decided at a meeting of Bracknell Forest Council’s planning committee on Thursday, April 22.

A series of applications were lodged since the start of this week as well.

The biggest of these is a plan to build 95 homes on land south of Wokingham. There is also a plan for redevelopment at Sandhurst Town FC’s ground.

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Construction of one five-storey apartment block with 15 dwellings at  St Margaret Clitherow Roman Catholic Church, Ringmead (20/00077/FUL)

Bracknell News:

The plan for 15 apartments to replace the former St Margaret Clitherow Roman Catholic Church in Bracknell was approved at the planning meeting on Thursday, April 22.

On the committee, 15 councillors voted for the plan, with Cllr Tricia Brown (Labour) abstaining.

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New home replacing existing garages and storage at 6 Shaftesbury Close, Bracknell (20/01046/FUL)

A plan to replace garages and storage with a new two bedroom home at 6 Shaftesbury Close, Bracknell was approved by 15 votes.

Cllr Brown (Labour) abstained.

12 new car parking spaces in Oakengates, Bracknell (20/01054/3)

Councillors unanimously voted to convert grassland into 12 car parking spaces in the Oakengates residential area of Bracknell.

7 new car parking spaces in Swaledale, Bracknell (21/00030/3)

Councillors unanimously voted to create 7 new car parking spaces in the Swaledale residential area.


Application to cut down four oak trees next to 18 Lyon Oaks Warfield (PS 20/00263/TRTPO)

The planning committee has refused an the application to remove the four oak trees in the land next to 18 Lyon Oaks, Warfield.

It has been recommended that a root-barrier would solve the subsidence to the home without the need to remove the four protected oak trees.

Retrospective application to change windows in new garage at White Gates, Mushroom Castle, Winkfield Row (PS 21/00012/FUL)

A retrospective application to change windows at a newly built garage at White Gates, Mushroom Castle, Winkfield Row was refused by the planning committee.

The application was originally approved with the windows on the eastern side of the garage, but the applicant chose to build them on the west side instead. Neighbours objected on the basis that the windows overlook into their gardens and properties.

The motion to refuse the application was carried by 15 votes. Cllr Dudley (Conservative), the chairman of the planning application committee, abstained.


Plan to build 95 new homes following demolition of equestrian buildings on land south of Wokingham (21/00372/OUT)

Bracknell News:
The site location for the plan to 95 homes south of Wokingham.

The applicants are seeking outline planning permission to demolish existing equestrian buildings and replace with 95 new homes on a site west of Old Wokingham Road and south of Waterloo Road. 

The developers plan to make 35 per cent of the homes affordable.

The large site straddles Wokingham Borough and Bracknell Forest. However, the part of the site in Bracknell Forest is limited to site access and the part of the plan that has been reserved to increase biodiversity in the area and provide a drainage basin. The applicants have stated that none of the land that falls within Bracknell Forest will be built on.

The application has been submitted by Anthony Pudner and development consultants Pegasus Group. An application fee of £16,322 has been paid to Wokingham Borough Council.

Major new development at Sandhurst Town Football Club (21/00265/FUL)

A plan to redevelop  Sandhurst Town FC’s ground has been submitted.

Plans involve single storey extensions to clubhouse and development for wheelchair access, enhancements to the spectator stands, and new pre-fabricated outbuildings to provide storage, classroom, spectator and ancillary sporting facilities.

The applicants also plan to demolish an existing garage building and remove two existing pre-fabricated units.

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Demolition of two homes, stables and outbuildings to be replaced with one home, a new horse stable and more at Ascot Stud Farm (21/00305/FUL)

Here the applicant has applied to demolish two homes, stables and outbuildings at Ascot Stud Farm. In their stead, the applicant is planning to build one new home, a new horse stable block with ancillary staff accommodation.

The applicant is named as Mrs J Sponer. A planning application fee of £3,234 will be paid to Bracknell Forest Council.  

New swimming pool, BBQ area and conservatory at Moss End Farm, Warfield (21/00333/FUL)

Bracknell News:

The occupants of Moss End Farm in Warfield have applied to build a new covered swimming pool, BBQ area and conservatory in their garden.

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