AS the town continues to abide by the third national lockdown, we have rounded up the latest case numbers to show the worst affected areas in Bracknell Forest.

Public Health England's Covid-19 map paints a slightly different picture than a month ago as almost the whole of Bracknell Forest displays as a sea of purple, indicating that the rolling rate for each postcode is above 400.

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Bracknell News: Covid map Covid map

The areas with fewer cases are represented in the map in blue, which show places with a rate below 400.

The map's latest figures show the seven-day rolling rate up to January 14.

These are the nine areas in the borough which are currently shown as a purple, high-case locations:

Wick Hill

Total: 40 cases

Difference: Decrease of 25 from previous week

Rate: 401.5

Central Bracknell & Wildridings

Total: 70 cases

Difference: Decrease of 41 from last 7 days

Rate: 617.2


Total: 47 cases

Difference: Down by 34 cases from previous week

Rate: 460.6

Crown Wood

Total: 31 cases

Difference: Decrease of 26 from previous week

Rate: 476.0

Birch Hill & Hanworth East

Total: 31 cases

Difference: Down by 26 cases

Rate: 419.8

Hanworth West

Total: 35 cases

Difference: 4

Rate: 512.7

Great Hollands

Total: 60 cases

Difference: Decrease of 34 from previous week

Rate: 507.7

Owlsmoor & Broadmoor

Total: 45 cases

Difference: Decrease of 12 from previous week

Rate: 665.9

College Town

Total: 44 cases

Difference: Down by 24 cases from previous week

Rate: 585.9

To view the map and check your address, click here.

Seven–day rates are expressed per 100,000 population and are calculated by dividing the seven day count by the area population and multiplying by 100,000.