Angered drivers have spoken out against vandals who rampaged through neighbourhoods in Bracknell last weekend.

Social media reports circulated on Saturday night (November 21) showing people's cars being smashed up and windows broken.

Henry Henderson warned residents in Bracknell how his car window was smashed in Great Hollands.

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He spoke to the News and said: "My car was parked out on the road like every night and on Friday evening. My neighbours came knocking telling me my car had been smashed. I couldn't believe it! Also a lot of other cars had been smashed too I called the police and they said they wouldn't send officers out as they would be long gone by now so I got my car fixed and didn't think any more of it."

The resident also noticed on Thursday, November 26 a group of young teenagers on bikes throwing stuff at his car.

Henry added: "I went to pop out to the shop at 17.50 and 4 or 5 teen boys were on bikes and scooters going past my car and many others picking and throwing stuff, so I shouted at them and they vanished. I called the police again and they said they would log it."

On the same night last Saturday, Abbey Wise experienced her car being smashed by vandals.

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A white stone was thrown at the window of her car.

Her mum Laraine said: "My daughter passenger window got smashed with a white stone, but what we hadn’t realised until the next day it also cracked all the front screen too. She’s devastated as this is her first car and can’t bare to look at it."

A police spokesman said: "That reference number is an online report that relates to an incident of criminal damage that took place in Ashbourne, Bracknell on 20 November.

"It was reported that the windows on a car had been smashed, believed to have taken place between 10pm and 10.30pm.

"An investigation was carried out but this has now been filed pending any further evidence or information coming to light."