PLANS to sell booze until late at night at a local Rugby Club will go under the microscope after a resident raised concerns about the proposal.

Bosses at Crowthorne Rugby Club, who are based at The Nest on Lower Broadmoor Road, want to sell alcohol during proposed new opening times of 1pm to 10pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

A licensing application from Crowthorne RFC indicated the proposal had been submitted to coincide with the rugby season, which runs from September to May.

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Permission to serve booze during these hours would be utilised during the Club’s summer touch-rugby events, too.

But the plans have attracted opposition from one resident who also lives on Lower Broadmoor Road.

Their first objection comes from concerns about the effect these new times will have on the safety of the neighbourhood.

Bracknell News:

In an objection letter to the council, they wrote: “The admission of alcohol on the site will no doubt produce intoxicated individuals who will be in very close proximity of the houses in the neighbourhood.

“Whilst in such a state, the behaviour of intoxicated people will be unpredictable, and this, of course, will prove to be a danger to themselves, and the people living in the houses which also include small children.”

The neighbour also took issue with how the playing of recorded and live music might affect the community.

They added: “The recorded and live music will prove to be a nuisance for the members of the neighbourhood as this will create noise pollution.

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“Firstly, even without the presence of music, the matches which presently take place at the club are already loud enough to cause a disturbance amongst the neighbourhood.

“Adding music to this noise will only amplify this disturbance.”

Bracknell News:

Their final issue with the application comes from the neighbour’s worries about littering increasing.

The resident concluded: “The permission to sell alcohol and play music would attract more people to the general area and this will result in more littering.

“Not only is this an illegal offence but it will also create an eyesore and most importantly it will also be a danger for the wildlife surrounding the area.

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“This area is home to a plethora of wildlife such as deers, cats, birds, hedgehogs, foxes etc. The litter will no doubt be hazardous to their lives and also their habitats.”

The local authority for environmental health made no objections to the plans.

Councillors will have the final say on the proposal at a meeting on Thursday, November 19.