Pub owners across Bracknell have reacted to the 10pm curfew and how the new restrictions will affect their businesses.

Under the new rules, all restaurant's and pubs will be forced to close at 10pm from Thursday, September 24, in an effort to curb a second wave of coronavirus cases.

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This comes after Sir Patrick Vallance, the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser, warned on Monday that if current trends continue, then by mid-October, Britain could face around 50,000 new cases a day.

We have spoken to a number of pubs across Bracknell and the feelings are mutual.

Amanda who runs the Cannie Mann in Bracknell said the restrictions will "prove an economical disaster."

She said: "I get why they're doing the 10pm curfew but there's nothing stopping people from meeting up afterwards in their gardens. The rules should be consistent and enforced for everyone. What is more of a concern is the announcement that customers (when not seated or drinking and eating) have to wear a mask, this could change the hospitality experience considerably.

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"The table service for a lot of establishments could also prove an economical disaster with regards to raised costs. It is not practical, each premises is different, I believe that licensing should be involved in ensuring that each individual premises is providing the safest of environments for staff and customers alike.

"Restaurants will obviously have different considerations to pub only premises. As far as we are aware the virus is not time active, it is contractable at all times as such we all need to be responsible for our own actions and take responsibility for those that we come in contact with. Being selfish in these times is not an option...we wouldn't cross a road without carefully considering it first." 

Gianluca Suppa, co-owner of The Boot pub also shared his frustrations at the government for encouraging residents to enjoy the 'Eat Out to Help Out' scheme during the summer.

He said he thinks the government should apologise but that will be like 'getting blood out of a stone'.

Mr Suppa said: "I am not fearing the 10pm curfew so much as we're more quiet during the week anyway. But having to kick people out at 10 will make us very unpopular. We each want to make people feel welcome so you will just achieve the opposite effect to tell people to leave the pub.

"We are lucky enough to be open as we do takeaways but I worry massively for Christmas. December is one of the busiest times of the year for any restaurant with business parties and friends and families getting together.

"With the new rules, I have had to seek it out myself only to find we could be fined £10,000 if we don't stick to the rules. We had a month of encouraging people to come out and now we have to go back again. I think the government should apologise about the confusion but it's like getting blood out of a stone."