Many Bracknell readers have responded to talks of a second national lockdown following a surge in coronavirus cases.

Almost 100 people have reacted to our Facebook post asking readers whether we are heading for a national lockdown.

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Many said it was "likely" to come into effect and some even think there will be announcements made from this Tuesday.

It comes after daily infections surged to a four-month high of 4,422 on Saturday, September 19 and data suggested that hospital admissions would be heading back to mid-March levels by the end of the month.

To fight off the second wave, Boris Johnson is preparing to replace the "rule of six" with tougher restrictions on daily life and a second lockdown is looming.

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Here's what readers said:

Kellie McAllister said: "If we do go into another lockdown we only have ourselves to blame really curfews should of been from day one along with no more then 6 gatherings." James Gale said: "Can't see it happening but I feel stricter rules will be bought in. Perhaps pubs, restaurants and gyms will have to close again? Who knows! We'll see."

Anna Wenderlish added: "Like a cat playing with a mouse. Give it a rest already this was planned from the get go."

Kelly Hurworth said: "Yes if people can’t stick to the rules they have no choice."

Others aren't so sure a second lockdown will work.

Sheila Knight said:"Sticking to the rules or not this virus is here for some time and a lock down just won't work!"

Gary Bishop said: "Not a chance. Curfew coming and no households mixing will be announced Tuesday I reckon." Caroline Anne Lawes: "What's the point in national lockdown though? Localised ones are better. Why should areas that have been sticking to the measures & kept infections low, be punished because of idiots elsewhere?"