Bracknell is going to play a huge part in the government's fight to increase covid testing.

With people in Bracknell not being able to book tests despite displaying symptoms, the government has unveiled new plans to increase capacity.

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Boris Johnson explained how Bracknell will play a key role in helping increase coronavirus testing.

During Prime Ministers Questions yesterday on Wednesday, September 16, Boris explained how Brants Bridge will be one of four new UK labs for analysing tests.

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He said: "In recent days we have seen a colossal spike in the number of people who want to ascertain whether hey have got coronavirus.

"We are meeting that record demand, we have got four new labs we are building in Newport, Newcastle, Chamwood, Brants Bridge, and we want to get up to 500,000 tests by day by October and that is a huge number.

"We are testing more than any other European country."

However, residents in Bracknell have expressed how 'impossible' to book a test online.

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Some even said they were told to travel to Cardiff, Swindon and Leicester after being given the test slot online.