Thousands of people are reporting coronavirus symptoms in Bracknell, according to a new app.

Researchers have designed an online app, called Covid Symptom Tracker, to study the symptoms of the virus and track how it spreads.

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They hope it can be used to better understand symptoms of Covid-19, understand how fast the virus is spreading in certain areas, identify high risk areas in the country and identify who is most at risk by better understanding symptoms linked to health conditions.

It relies on people contributing and adding their coronavirus symptoms.

So far, it has been used by more than two million people across the UK.

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Bracknell News:

In Bracknell, 2,873 people have uploaded data, including any symptoms they have experienced.

There is an estimated 788 active cases per million people who have Covid-19, according to the app.

In neighbouring town Wokingham 5,386 people have submitted symptom data.

With 705 active cases per million people (estimated).

More than 4000 responded in Ascot, with 618 active cases.